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Emojis have become a popular trend on social media, and the prediction is that they are going to become essential for marketing.

Social media is seen as fun, engaging and entertaining, and emojis are an integral part of this social media environment. But should you use emojis on business social media accounts?

When it comes to companies and their marketing, it is important to remember that people buy from those who can relate to them, not a business who doesn’t understand them.For Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad check Vivid Digital.

Emojis help humanise businesses, which allows them to express true human emotion. They inform your customers that you are just like them and that you are real and approachable.

Research has indicated that using emojis strategically increases user engagement with your brand. Users are more likely to comment and like posts that have emojis featured in them.

However, don’t confuse or scare users away with the wrong emoji tactics! Here are some important tips to consider before using emojis on business social media accounts.

Tips for using emojis on business social media accounts

Understand your brand

Using emojis that are unrelated to your brand, and the message you are trying to send, can lead to misrepresentations.

Consumers can end up misinterpreting the emojis that are used, which can possibly lead to a negative image. Use emojis that are in line with your brand, your message and your audience.For more details check Social Media Marketing Company in London.

Don’t overdo it

Emojis are used in social media to enhance, not replace, the content. Avoid using too many emojis at a time – the recommended number is a maximum of four emojis at a time.

It is not necessary to use emojis on every post, comment or message. Use emojis on business social media accounts sparingly and strategically.

Don’t make fun of a serious situation

Emojis are fun, cool and trendy so avoid using them in serious situations. Recognise the appropriate time and place for using emojis. If you’re not sure how the emoji will be interpreted, rather do not use it.

Add emojis to your call to actions

Adding emojis to your call to actions on social media posts is attractive and can increase the likeliness of users clicking through to a specific link, which increases your chance of conversions.

But, yet again, use them sparingly and strategically.To know more information on SEO Services check Incmanifesto

Here is some more insight into ways emojis can grow your business.

Social media provides an ongoing opportunity to interact with customers, but it only works if your communication is effective. Chat to us if you would like to learn more about making your business social media accounts work for you.

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